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How to Brew the Best Cup of Coffee

How to Brew the Best Cup of Coffee

There’s no better method of starting your day, when the weather gets colder and the mornings darker, than with a good cup of real coffee.

Added: 09th November 2015

Whether you love the heady taste of a strong espresso or you prefer the smooth and subtle texture of a latte, coffee is (and always will be) king. Below, we list some key tips for composing the very best, burnished brew.

Fresh Beans

The best cup of coffee is composed of fresh, newly ground coffee beans. Old coffee beans often lose their lustre and are unable to lend their flavoursome essence to added water. To ensure a certain quality and richness of taste, purchase fresh coffee beans on a regular basis.

The Perfect Temperature

If (and when) you boil water to add to your coffee, leave it to stand for approximately half a minute before adding it to the fresh grounds. In so doing, the water will reach an optimum temperature of 95 degrees Celsius. This thermal reading, according to The Speciality Coffee Association of Europe, is ideal for the brewing of the perfect, caffeinated drink.
brewing coffee with filter paper

The Wonders of Water

Research conducted by The Speciality Coffee Association of Europe suggests that the quality of the water one uses in the brewing of their drink has a direct impact on the final product. To create your ideal cup of coffee, ensure that the water you use is filtered and is of the highest possible quality. As well as considering the composition of the water you use, the Coffee Association also suggests that you take into account the liquid ratio between coffee and water. According to the Association, one litre of water should be used for every 50 grams of coffee. Such a ratio is believed to create the correct balance between the water and the coffee, creating a well-rounded, full-bodied taste.

The Professional Touch

If you are intent on creating your own perfectly crafted cup of coffee in the comfort of your own home, you may consider purchasing or leasing one of the many professional coffee makers on the market today: the professional espresso machines produced and manufactured by Zircon place considerable emphasis on the quality of the coffee they subsequently produce, whilst Flavia coffee machines are capable of brewing between 200 and 400 different types of caffeinated drink. Phew!
Here at Liquidline, we stock a number of high quality coffee beans, each chosen for the quality of its taste and the sustainability of its production. We are committed to carrying high quality products which excite your taste-buds and enthrall your senses. Place an order with us today and enjoy our finely farmed products both at work and at home.

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