Introducing the Cafetouch Thermofoam

At Liquidline we pride ourselves on innovation- so much so that it’s one of our core values. So, we are always excited to launch new equipment- particularly when they solve our customers’ day to day challenges.

Added: 16th March 2018

With this in mind, we bring you the Cafetouch Thermofoam machine. Developed and manufactured in Switzerland, this machine continues the legacy of Swiss engineering excellence. Like the Cafetouch 2 machine the precedes it, the Cafetouch Thermofoam features up to 9 drink selections and pre-selections with a café style menu. It is simple enough to operate that any user can make themselves a speciality coffee with no training. This makes it equally at home in both self service and operated environments.

We love this machine because it is a real problem solver – it takes challenges like boiler inspections, timely cleaning routines, inconsistent foam and wasted energy and it resolves them. The result is an energy efficient machine that runs on 13A power and packs enough punch to deliver and to keep queuing times down in any environment.

But getting to the nitty gritty…

Perfect Foam Every time

The Cafetouch Thermofoam machine utilises Thermo- Block technology, creating consistent, perfect quality milk foam every time with no steam or barista training required!

No Boiler Inspections

The vast majority of fresh milk coffee machines on the market today feature steam boilers. These require yearly inspections – a costly and timely exercise! The Cafetouch Thermo-foam machines feature thermos block heating, eradicating the need for boiler inspections.

Fast Start Up time – 30 seconds

Isn’t it annoying when you arrive in the morning and it takes the coffee machine 15 minutes to warm up and to be ready for use? The Cafetouch Thermofoam machine starts up and is ready to work in just 30 seconds, saving you time, every single day.

Maximum Power, Minimum Energy Consumption  

The Cafetouch Thermofoam is powerful enough to keep up with high demand sites like leisure parks, bars or large workplaces. And its double dispense head means quick drink delivery too!  But unlike other similarly sized machines on the market, it does it all on 13A power. This means no special mains power, no electricians required and you have the flexibility to place the machine wherever you wish. All in all, a more efficient machine!


Lastly – it’s quiet! So it’s perfect for not only restaurants, bars and leisure sites but is quiet enough to put almost anywhere, including workplaces and offices.

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