It’s fabulous and It’s all about the froth!

For those of you who are Flavia drinks fans, then November has something special in store for you!

Added: 13th June 2014

 This November sees the launch of ‘Fabulous Froths’ speciality drinks for the Flavia Creation 400. The popular Cappuccino / latte swirl is being replaced by the new ‘Fabulous Froth Original’ and the ‘Mars Swirl’ is to become ‘Mars Fabulous Froth’. For all fans, you can rely on these having the same great taste, but will now be ‘Fabulous’ as well!
It doesn’t stop there however; a new flavour is also arriving!
 The ‘Fabulous Froth Mocha’ has been released, so keep any eye out on our range of Flavia Drinks so you don’t miss out!
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