Liquidline Acquires Sustainable Coffee Company

In a year where climate change has been high on the political agenda, and with businesses demanding more transparency on the origins of their coffee, we are delighted to announce that Liquidline has acquired Underdog Coffee Company, a sustainable coffee company from the southwest.

About Underdog Coffee Co.

Launched in Devon in 2012, Underdog Coffee Co. has built a reputation for producing delicious speciality coffee that’s sustainably and ethically sourced. Their range of eight in house blends are all Fairtrade and score over 80 on the SCA score, which is the standard for speciality coffees. Some of the beans are also organic.

Why Sustainable Coffee?

At Liquidline we passionately believe that being successful in business is about so much more than making a profit, it’s about giving back to the people and communities we operate in and preserving the world we live in.

As we continue to review our own practices as a business, moving away from single-use plastics and improving our internal processes to be more digitally driven, the acquisition of the Underdog Coffee Co. products will enable us to further fulfil the increased demand for more sustainably sourced coffee beans.

Existing Underdog Coffee Company Customers

As well as acquiring Underdog’s fantastic range of ethically sourced coffee products, we’ve also taken on a number of commercial coffee machine customers, who we will continue to support with our first class service and maintenance packages, as well as supplying all the consumables they need to continue preparing fantastic beverages and refreshments.

Get in Touch Today

We are currently in the process of contacting all of Underdog’s customers to get them switched over to online ordering via Liquidline. However, if you’re an existing Underdog Coffee Co. customer and have any queries or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact our team today by calling 0800 849 9110, emailing [email protected] or completing the form on our contact page.