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Liquidline Attends Headway Workshop to Help People Back to Work

Liquidline Attends Headway Workshop to Help People Back to Work

At Liquidline we are not just passionate about coffee; we’re also passionate about helping the community. Yesterday our Office Manager Sara Alexander attended a workshop at Headway to share her tips on gaining employment.

Added: 16th September 2016

Headway is a charity that aims to raise awareness of head injuries and provide information and support to survivors of brain injuries and their families and carers. They have received funding to help their clients return to work, including securing and keeping employment. Part of this includes inviting employers to talk about their recruitment processes and what they look for when recruiting.

The aim of this session was to give the clients at Headway an opportunity to consider and discuss what employers look for in CVs and interviews, examples of good and bad techniques and the criteria used in the selection process. Clients often struggle with personal statements and whether / when they should inform a potential employer of their specific difficulties.

Sara said it was a ‘rewarding afternoon discussing recruitment with such lovely people at Headway. I sincerely hope it helps to further the client’s goals of gaining employment’.

Andrea from Headway commented that, ‘it was good for them to hear that skills acquired from other areas of life are just as relevant for their CVs and reinforced the previous week’s session.  The section on telephone interviews was very helpful as it was something that they had not considered before and  leads nicely into next week’s session when we will practice some of the tips you suggested.

Attendees told us that they found it useful, particularly the guidance on what to wear at an interview.


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