Liquidline Partners with Mother Vending

Liquidline has joined forces with Mother Vending to offer customers a complete touchless refreshment solution, bringing together barista-quality touchless coffee machines, water dispensers and vending machines.

We have already seen great success with our touchless coffee machines and touchless water dispensers, which are being adopted in offices throughout the UK, as workplaces prepare for the imminent return to work. 

Now, by partnering with Mother, this offer can be combined with their state of the art vending machines for an all-encompassing touchless refreshment solution.

front on photograph of a Cafetouch 8 coffee machine on a white table wood table with full bean hopper and a hand holding a mobile phone position in front of the machine to the bottom right of the image the phone has a cafetouch app on the screen
Zip Hydrotap Touch Free Wave

Mother’s vending machines feature an innovative anti-microbial touchscreen, cashless payments and digital receipts. You can even add a built-in hand sanitiser station for extra peace of mind. What really sets their machines apart though is the option for mobile ordering, so customers only need to come into physical contact with the machine when collecting their order from the compartment.

By partnering with Mother Vending we bring together the latest in touchless technology, enabling organisations to offer a safe and hygienic refreshment station with minimal labour requirement.

Benefits of Touchless Refreshments

  • Lower transmission of viruses from common touchpoints
  • Demonstrate that you are actively embracing Covid-19 guidelines
  • Show staff and visitors that you care about their wellbeing
  • Reduce the need for your team and visitors to go out at break times
  • Self-service machines require no staff

This all-inclusive touchless offer works well in universities, where footfall is currently lower, but there is still a demand for fantastic coffee and healthy snacks on the go. Post-pandemic this self-service offer will also enable you to keep labour costs low, as with a fully managed solution, all replenishment of stock is handled by us.

Likewise, serviced offices can create added value for their tenants by providing a quality coffee and snack offering without the need to employ staff. By offering a contactless solution within communal areas you are also taking away the need for workers to go out at lunchtime, reducing unnecessary human contact.

To find out more about our inclusive touchless offering with Mother, please get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team today by calling 0800 849 9110 or completing the short form on our contact page.