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Macmillan Coffee Morning 2015

Macmillan Coffee Morning 2015

On the 25th September we see the annual return of the fantastic charity fundraising event, The Macmillan Coffee Morning. The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning began in 1990 and it is now the biggest single fundraising event for the cancer support charity.

Added: 11th September 2015

The idea behind the event, which was created by a local fundraising committee, was to raise money for Macmillan via a unique twist on the traditional British coffee morning. After drinking their coffee, the attendees at the first event then made a donation to Macmillan. Each donation was the equivalent to the cost of the coffee that they had consumed.

An Immediate Success

The initial success of the first Macmillan Coffee Morning led to a national event a year later. Around 2,600 people registered to hold a coffee morning in the UK in 1991, and, in the 24 years since, more than £138 million has been raised for the charity through this fundraising method. In 2015 over £25 million was raised at the various Macmillan Coffee Mornings, which was a new record!

How You Can Get Involved

The 2015 Macmillan Coffee Morning is due to take place on September 25th. You can get involved by signing up for a Macmillan Coffee Morning kit on the charity’s website. You will then be given a choice, regarding where you plan to host your coffee morning. If you are holding an event in memory of a loved one, then you are also given the opportunity to give their name.

A Great Opportunity to Socialise While Helping a Great Cause

Macmillan’s Coffee Mornings offer a good opportunity to socialise, enjoy a cup of coffee, and support a good cause all at the same time. As well as coffee, donations can be received for food that’s served at an event, such as slices of cake.

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friends drinking coffee and eating cake

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