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Marco Ecoboilers – Energy Efficient Water Boilers

Marco Ecoboilers – Energy Efficient Water Boilers

Any industry involved with customer service or human relations will tell you that certain things are a must. Always be friendly and courteous, always be respectful and always offer some refreshment. When it comes to refreshment in the colder months, bottled water just lacks the same punch as a nice, hot drink. A fresh bean to cup made coffee is one thing, but hot water may not always be readily available from these machines. The most convenient way to provide hot water is with a plumbed in water boiler. Faster boiling than older style kettles and with a reservoir to ensure that hot water is available on demand, these installed water boilers provide the ultimate in satisfaction. For an environmentally friendly line of water boilers, look to Macro Beverage Systems’ line of Ecoboilers.

About the Product

Marco Beverage Systems line of Ecoboilers has four distinct models to choose from that share a few similar traits. All are installed units meaning that they tap directly into the buildings water supply and will never need to be manually filled. All the reservoir tanks feature the same easy access to descale – for when hard water starts to leave mineral build up. Service access is, similarly, a snap. All variants also feature electronic controls to ensure that water is always hot and ready on demand. The parts from this line of water boilers are made from 95% recycled materials, making them extremely friendly on the environment. So you leave a small foot print, yet get an extremely affordable package.

The differences in these models is in the tank capacity:

Ecoboiler T5 – tank capacity 5 Litres

Ecoboiler T10 – tank capacity 10 Litres

Ecoboiler T20 – tank capacity 20 Litres

With this range of water boilers, there is a size of Ecoboiler for any need or want.

About the Company

Marco Beverage Systems is a company based in Ireland that has established itself as a manufacture of hot water delivery systems, specializing in water boilers, brewers, coffee grinders, water filtration systems and bespoke tea and coffee making equipment. Focusing essentially on commercial products, Marco Beverage Systems client list includes hotels, catering and restaurants the world over. Many companies have seen the benefits of instant hot water, with employee time saved on making drinks and clients/customers having a better experience (than using an old kettle!).

In fact it is part of this client driven ethos that sets the company aside. The Macro Beverage Company feels that their client’s success is fundamental to their own success, always striving to maintain good relations and excellent service through the life cycle of the product.

Many industries outside of the food industry have a need for hot water and the Ecoboiler line provides models for all sizes of demands. Produced by an internationally recognized company with proven results, the Ecoboiler line can fulfil every refreshment need you have.

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