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Nitro Brew’d Coffee vs Traditional Coffee

Nitro Brew’d Coffee vs Traditional Coffee

From 2016 onwards Cold Brew coffee has blossomed in the industry. It is now considered as the ultimate, coffee boost brand, and comes with its many health benefits, as well as being ideal for the gym enthusiast in you.

So what are the differences? Here are some things to consider when choosing the right coffee brand for you.

Nitro Brew’d is Less Bitter and Acidic

Nitro cold Brew is scientifically proven to have 66% less acidity, and bitterness when compared to hot coffee. When making a coffee with hot water, the temperature levels can affect the taste of the coffee beans. The acids add a sharpness to hot coffee, causing it to oxidize. This doesn’t happen with cold coffee.

Difference in the Flavours Produced

Hot coffee produces a rounded, aromatic sweetness with a hint of bitterness. It is rich and satisfying, but doesn’t provide you with many other alternatives.

Cold brew coffee, on the other hand, is versatile, and provides a concentrate that can be paired with many other different ingredients. You can make the follow recipes with cold brew:

  • Iced coffee – Cold water and ice
  • Iced Cold Brew Latte – Mix the cold brew with ice and cold milk
  • Cold Brew Soda – Mix with soda water, sugar and ice
  • Cold Brew Cocktails – Spirit, sugar and other mixers
milk being poured into iced coffee

Double the Caffeine Content

Cold brew coffee is very diverse. If you are wanting to increase your caffeine levels, without having double the number of coffees a day, then Nitro is the one. It is much healthier for you as opposed to having energy drinks but still gives you that extra buzz.

Served Straight from the Tap

Unlike regular coffee, Nitro Brew’d is served straight from the tap, and is pulled just like a pint. Because of this, it offers you a thicker, foam-like texture, without the need for milk or creamer, and offers a similar texture to that of beer.

nitro cold brew dispensing from tap

Effective Way to Cut Sugar Intake

If you are wanting to switch to a healthier alternative that doesn’t involved the need to add sugar or milk to improve the taste of your coffee, then Nitro is the new way forward. With a zero calorie intake, it reduces any risk of heart disease, and Type 2 diabetes, often associated with high intake levels of sugar.

Either way, both traditional coffee and Nitro Brew’d coffee differ in many ways. It all depends on your preferences of coffee, and in considering the factors we have mentioned above. Sound appealing? Take advantage of Nitro Brew’d here today.

iced coffee with cream and sprinkles

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