Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

At Liquidline we’re always looking for new ways for our customers (and their customers!) to enjoy coffee. Now that the Beast from the East is a distant, train-cancelling, memory, we can turn towards Spring and Summer and start to enjoy our coffee not just cool- but ice cold!

Added: 28th March 2018

Cold coffee comes in many forms, from regular iced coffee, to blended ice mixes like frappe and beyond. With this ‘beyond’ comes the emergence of a coffee scene unlike any we’ve ever seen before – Nitro Cold Brew Coffee.

Whether you pick a cold brew coffee up at work, or in a coffee shop – the crisp feeling of a coffee in the summer, during an afternoon with friends or at the beginning of the working day, is just around the corner.

So, What is Nitro Cold Brew Coffee?

Nitro cold brew coffee comes straight from the tap, is fresh, crisp and clean – and it might just be the drink of the summer in 2018.

Cold brew coffee is brewed slowly, at a low temperature. The result is a lighter, smoother coffee without any of the bitterness of some conventional, hot coffee. Nitro coffee is created through the process of infusing coffee with nitrogen through a pressurised valve. The high pressure and nitrogen combine and push the coffee through a disk in the pipe, and when poured this creates a Guinness-like effect and a creamy, cold and smooth cup of coffee.

Unlike iced coffee, the coldness of the drink is derived from the naturally occurring nitrogen in the air without the need for ice cubes or gas canisters. Nitro cold brew coffee is silky and refreshing, and the perfect addition to an afternoon in the sunshine or indoors, watching the rain from the window .

Much the same as a pint of bitter of Guinness settles, you’ll find that there is great satisfaction in watching Nitro Cold Brew Coffee settle in the glass.

Getting Nitro Cold Brew Coffee 

Although Nitro Cold Brew Coffee can be sold in cans, these differ hugely from the real thing. Poured from a nitro cold brew coffee machine the taste is unlike any other coffee experience out there.

Nitro Cold Brew Machines are perfectly suited to offices, gyms and hotels and are becoming increasingly visible in coffee shops too. The draught pump looks really impressive in bars and coffee shops alike. Now that it is officially spring, it is the perfect time to be gearing up for summer and installing a nitro cold brew coffee machine is a great way to go. If you’re looking to impress clients, presenting them with a glass of this delicious beverage is a unique way to do this and likely to ensure that your meeting is as smooth as the coffee.

Within your workplace organisation there are more advantages yet. Employees often become overheated and weary in the summer sunshine, so providing Nitro coffee is the perfect way to help them cool down. And since Nitro Cold brew coffee contains on average twice the caffeine of even energy drinks, you might even see a productivity spike too!

To find out more out about nitro cold brew coffee, please see our Brew’d product page.

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