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Six Reasons You Need a Lattiz Machine Right Now

Six Reasons You Need a Lattiz Machine Right Now

If you are as passionate about coffee as we are you will love our new Lattiz milk machine. The Lattiz uses revolutionary technology to make milk froth at the touch of a button with no fuss, no mess and no cleaning. So why’s that important to you?Because 30% of all coffees today are milk-based, leading to an increased demand for great quality frothy milk! In this article we outline six reasons why you need one for your business.

Bad milk can ruin a good coffee

Consistency is paramount in delivering perfect cappuccinos and lattes to your customers (and staff) and varying grades of frothed milk can impact their experience.We know not everyone is the perfect barista so that’s why we have Lattiz! Complete your superior cup of coffee with barista quality milk.

Discover just how easy it is. In the past you would have needed a top-class barista, now any member of staff can create perfect frothy milk.The machine’s astonishing capacity to create 6 cappuccinos per minute will keep you smiling even at your busiest times.All you have to do is push the button.The Lattiz gives you 100% barista service, all day, every day with no mess, fuss or cleaning!

Away with the cleaning

Time-consuming cleaning is a thing of the past, with the efficient bag-in-box system and automatic flush system.

The innovative bag in box also means that milk can be stored uncooled for up to seven days.In short, Lattiz is the fastest way to achieve constant barista-quality frothed milk for cappuccinos and lattes.

With its compact design, Lattiz will blend into any environment. We recommend putting it near your coffee machine because the two go hand in hand! From one bag in box you can create 140 cappuccinos*, operating in peak demands with a cappuccino produced every 10 seconds.

Go Green!

We care about the environment and so does Lattiz.The innovative design in short means high efficiency with an A++ energy rating and reduced waste with the efficient bag-in-box system.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us now to arrange a free demonstration. Lattiz. Find out more

*Number of servings depends on cup size, product type and froth quality.Based on a 180 ml cup, 30 ml espresso plus barista-quality frothed milk


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