We passionately believe that feeling good about the coffee you drink doesn’t begin and end with farming and sourcing. The journey your coffee takes once you have enjoyed it is just important- after all, great coffee shouldn’t cost the earth! We can make sure that if you care about waste as much as we do, we can help you to dispose of your hot drink waste in a caring, responsible way.

Waste Coffee Recycling

Whether you use a traditional espresso machine or a high tech-bean to cup machine, when you produce fresh coffee (i.e. coffee made from coffee beans) the by-product is waste coffee grounds. These can be disposed of with food waste or in general waste collections. However, if they are separated and collected separately, they can be used to make a range of exciting and useful products.

We work closely with bio-bean, enabling our customers to have their waste coffee grounds collected on a commercial scale. The waste grounds are collected, processed and turned into advanced bio-fuels like coffee logs and biomass pellets. These have the potential to replace traditional fossil fuels, offering a sustainable alternative to imported woody biomass and charcoal briquettes. The fuels created are carbon neutral and divert waste from landfill and incineration. But better yet bio-bean can reduce waste recycling costs for businesses.

Biodegradable/Compostable Cups

Our biodegradable and compostable cup ranges allow our customers to enjoy delicious hot drinks in the knowledge that their takeaway cups can be disposed of responsibly. Our cups can be stored in recycling bins and collected by waste management companies, where they can be composted or processed to avoid landfill or environmental waste. Almost indistinguishable from traditional coffee cups and attractively designed, they provide a great alternative to traditional takeaway cups, which cannot be recycled.

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Recyclable Cups

We believe in giving our customers the options they need to make the right decisions for their businesses. We have offered our customers biodegradable cups for many years now but have more recently wanted to provide a fully recyclable cup, requiring no special bins or waste collection streams. Our partnership with reCup allows us to do just that. Our fully recyclable cups are made heat and waterproof by their organic mineral coating. This coating is designed to break down organically during the recycling process, allowing them to be disposed of in normal, paper recycling bins.

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