Sustainable Coffee – What You Need to Know

At Liquidline we are passionate about supplying quality, sustainable coffee that minimises environmental impact and supports the livelihood of the coffee farmers. As part of our commitment we work as part of the Rainforest Alliance and our products bear the Rainforest Alliance seal.

The Rainforest Alliance is a non-profit organisation that is working with companies all over the world to help rainforests and the communities that depend on them. They work with communities in 74 countries across the globe to preserve forests and encourage sustainable business practices.

Sustainable coffee

We know that as well as quality coffee, sustainable coffee is also important to you and as such we are constantly striving to minimise our impact on the environment and consequently your impact on the environment. In order to do this we are taking the following steps to:

  • Conform to all environmental regulations and exceed them where possible
  • Reduce energy use and waste
  • Work in conjunction with you to develop innovative products that facilitate a reduction of impact on the environment
  • Ensure our suppliers adhere to environmental standards
  • Promote recycling within the business

Our products bear the Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal. This means that we have been audited by the Rainforest Alliance to ensure we meet their rigorous standards and that our products come from farms that meet certain environmental, economic and social criteria.

To ensure that quality coffee and sustainable coffee are not mutually exclusive, the Rainforest Alliance has developed a ‘Cupping for Quality’ programme. This programme scores farmers according to the Speciality Coffee Association of America (SCAA) cupping protocol. Industry professionals speak highly of the programme.

farmer holding coffee cherries

It’s very gratifying to see that sustainability and ever-improving quality can go hand-in-hand said Stephen Leach, cupper and Global Coffee Procurement Manager at Maranatha Import Export, which owns both the Gloria Jeans and It’s A Grind brands. “On farms that follow the principles of Rainforest Alliance certification, I have seen greater attention paid at every step along the way to produce green coffee. Quality, by default, improves.

“The cupping is a great conduit for feedback to the farmers. I am happy to see that the trend upward in cup quality has continued year over year” added Jeff Chean, cupper and Founder of Groundwork Coffee, a specialty and organic roaster based in Los Angeles.

Working with the Rainforest Alliance means that when you drink our great tasting, sustainable coffee you can be confident that it has been produced in a way that minimises impact on the environment and supports sustainable communities.

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