The 10 Best Gifts For Coffee Lovers

Know someone who is crazy about coffee in the office? Do they have a birthday coming up and you are not sure what to get them? We have some of the answers here with our list of some of the best gifts for coffee lovers and fanatics.

Coffee drinkers are a diverse bunch, anything from the quintessential cafe brooder to the aerobic workout-obsessed early riser and the do-it-yourself artisan. When it comes to true coffee lovers, including taste testing different beans and debating the benefits of pour over vs cold brew, there is a gift for everyone.

Think bigger than your standard mug or gift card and be inspired by these creative, innovative gifts that are sure to give the coffee drinkers in your life a jolt. We have everything from Fairtrade coffee beans, to chocolate sprinkles, flavoured syrups and biscuit assortments, all coffee-inspired.

commercial coffee beans ethiopia

1. Café Bonté Single Origin Ethiopia Beans
A full-bodied complex coffee with bright and bold flavours. If your coffee lover is really into their different types of coffee beans, the journey of coffee and where they originate from then these are the perfect gift. Single-origin, and grown in Ethiopia in the region of Sidamo, freshly roasted and grounded ready to be used.

biscotti pack

2. Biscotti Almond
A delightful Italian inspired biscuit, individually wrapped and ready to be consumed with every coffee beverage. These biscuits are sold in packs of 24 and to be enjoyed as a snack in the office every now and then. Treat your coffee lover to a pack of Biscotti Almond, a sweet taste of Italy, a place that created the espresso blend!

landrover stencil
land rover stencil custom

3. Custom Stencils
This is certainly a gift for any coffee connoisseur in the room. It will be especially popular for someone keen to up their latte art skills at work. This will keep them occupied for hours and you can even put your own mark on them, by adding your own message or logo, to surprise them. They will guarantee to love you forever if you surprise them with some coffee stencils to practice their latte art with.

Lattiz frothing milk
lattiz latte macchiato

4. Lattiz Milk Frother
The revolution in milk frothing. This is one for any coffee lover that is obsessed with the espresso making process. With the Lattiz milk frother you can make milk froth of constant barista quality at the touch of the button. Great for making those lattes and cappuccinos. It holds up to 140 servings and can produce an impressive 6 cappuccinos per minute. No more trips to the local coffee shop when they can make all the coffees they like!

Alterra Artisan Roast

5. Alterra Artisan Roast
These Flavia sachet’s are a hand-crafted blend with distinctive fruity flavours for those who like to try something different every now and again. With a case of 100 sachets, this will surely keep them quiet in the office for a while.

Cafe Bonte roasted barista coffee beans

6. Café Bonté Arusha Eco Roast Beans
Barista-choice coffee beans that are perfectly blended with distinct notes of blackcurrant and citrus with a fruity aftertaste. These eco-roast coffee beans can be used for bean-to-cup machines and during the espresso-making process. No more instant coffee granules for that coffee lover of yours!

sprinkles chocolate

7. Chocolate Sprinkles
If your colleague is coffee mad then they will be into creating speciality coffee, with the coffee machine at work. Surprise them with a tub of chocolate sprinkles, so they will become skilled at making those cappuccinos in no time. A simple gift that is designed to please.

Cafe Bronte assorted biscuits

8. Cafe Bronte Twin Minipack Biscuit Assortment
Go the extra mile by buying them a coffee inspired biscuit assortment pack. Over 100 twin mini-packs to be enjoyed with a delicious cup of coffee including double chocolate chip, ginger, chocolate chip and orange and chocolate chip and vanilla.

cafe bonte keep cup
cafe bonte keep cup

9. Café Bonté Keep Cup
Designed to keep your coffee insulated on the go. If you know someone who is passionate about the environment, then this is the ideal gift for them. These Keep Cups are to be reused over and over again, without throwing them away meaning they are more friendly for the environment than single-use plastic cups. They will love having their own cup to bring to work with them and use on the go.

gingerbread latte in office

10. Sweetbird Gingerbread Syrup
A delightful treat for the ultimate coffee fanatic, who loves being eccentric and trying out new flavours when it comes to coffee. This gingerbread syrup will spice up any latte. Add a dash of syrup with each cup and enjoy the aromas and sensations of barista-quality coffee.

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