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The Benefits of Providing Good Coffee in your Workplace

The Benefits of Providing Good Coffee in your Workplace

There’s no denying that we’re a coffee-obsessed culture. We may not sit at roadside cafés sipping espresso like the French or Italians, but for a great number of us, making a coffee is first on the agenda when we arrive in the office every morning.

Many of us will admit to not leaving the house until we’ve had the first coffee of the day, not forgetting those for whom the chaos of the morning commute and the work day ahead just about leaves time to grab a ‘to go’ from a coffee shop en-route. Whilst we often admire those who can survive the working day without considerable caffeine intake, it’s a challenge most are not willing to take. Installing a commercial coffee machine and making sure there’s always good coffee on hand in your workplace is sure to bring about some serious advantages.

1.   Productivity

The obvious point: coffee has high caffeine content. Caffeine gives us energy, energy helps us to work better. What I’m getting at, though, is that the pleasure of making an enjoyable cup of coffee from your office coffee machine will leave your employees gaining this energy without thinking about it, rather than struggling on until they can’t keep their eyes on the screen anymore, and reluctantly heading off to the kitchen to make a cup of instant- which will just about satisfy the caffeine craving but won’t do anything for their taste buds or mood. Everyone knows we work better when we’re happy, and the simplest way to keep people happy is to give them good coffee.

Office coffee benefits

2.   Socialising

Another crucial way to keep your employees happy is to encourage them to know and to like one another- again the key to doing this is good coffee. Avoid putting all of your company socialising down to the annual Christmas party, or your quarterly team days; a more natural way to do this is to get them chatting whilst making their morning brew or as they enjoy a coffee together during lunch hour. Installing a commercial coffee machine in your organisation could create the environment needed to get your employees working with an extra shot of enthusiasm.

Coffee shop coffee

3.   Feels like home to me

In a similar vein, having a relaxed office atmosphere where your staff feel they have everything they need to feel comfortable is likely to keep them from clock-watching and should help them to enjoy being there. If your employees feel that they need to go home or nip out to a nearby café to enjoy a decent cup of coffee, or are just desperate to get away from the rigid office atmosphere, then they’re not going to work as happily and consequently as productive as they would if work was an enjoyable place to be. So treat them to a few home commodities and you’re likely to see enthusiasm and productivity increase.

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4.   A warm welcome

Of course, the benefits of having a commercial coffee machine in your organisation go far beyond encouraging your employees. It is common practice in most businesses to regularly invite guests, be it for a client meeting, a business development opportunity, or collaboration with a third party. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that meetings of any kind have a greater chance of a successful outcome if everyone feels relaxed and in high spirits. To ensure this is the case in your organisation, simply make sure there is plenty of good coffee to go around.

coffee in the office in the morning

At a time when the majority of Brits are dependent on coffee to make the best of the working day, providing good coffee in your workplace could be the key to increasing morale, relationships and productivity. When you think about it, we’re really quite easily pleased.


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