The Benefits of Switching to a Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

Do you prefer a cappuccino in the morning and then a double espresso as an after lunch pick me up? Or maybe the cold weather is making you crave a hot chocolate? While a lot of coffee drinkers might run to the local coffee shop to grab a cup of their favourite brew, you can save on time and money by switching to a bean to cup coffee machine and the great part of it is, is that you won’t be sacrificing on the quality of your coffee.

With the coffee culture booming in the UK – 95 million cups of coffee drank a day! It’s no longer acceptable to serve poor quality coffee in the office. If your office takes its coffee seriously – and we are pretty sure they do, consider upgrading to one of our bean to cup coffee machines. We provide machines from quality manufactures such as Cafétouch, Jura, WMF, Schaerer, Franke, Leisa, Vitro, Jura Giga and Vitale, which offer variety of tastes to any office size.

Convenience and Quality

Bean to cup coffee machines take freshly roasted beans, grind them and brew them to perfection Instead of standing in line for five minutes at a coffee shop, enjoy good quality coffee at the touch of a button, you only have to wait 20-25 seconds for your freshly made cup of coffee.

One of the things we love about bean to cup coffee machines, is that the beans are grounded just before you chose your type of coffee. Meaning, these commercial coffee machines make your brew more delicious since beans lose their flavour once they are grounded.

coffee beans in a grinder

Cost Savings

While these commercial coffee machines are an expensive up-front cost, in the long run, they are definitely a great return on investment. You don’t have to waste time or money by going to your local coffee shop, with prices as little as nine pence per cup for Espressos and Americanos.

Our bean to cup coffee machines are user-friendly, fast and gives you a variety of different coffee options – perfect for everyone’s taste in the office.

Not only are these coffee machines a great alternative to capsule coffee machines, they are the more sustainable option for the office. They eliminate the need for paper filters and coffee pods. So, ditch your coffee pods and switch to a bean to cup coffee machine today!

hopper full of coffee beans

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We expertly roast our beans to satisfy the diverse tastes of today’s UK coffee lovers. We understand how personal coffee is and we have carefully curated our range to deliver perfect Café Bonté moments for every taste and preference.

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