The Best Commercial Coffee Machines in the Industry

You may have already noticed there are several different styles of coffee machine on the market. To find one that suits your needs, you will need to consider and look out for a few key variables which will help you pick the right machine for you.

Firstly, you will need to consider whether the machine is there to sell coffee to customers, or to caffeinate your employees. A commercial coffee machine is the heart of your business and is there to showcase your brand and impress your customers and employees.

Here are some of the best commercial coffee machines on the market right now.

Commercial coffee machine dispensing an espresso

Schaerer Soul

“Unbelievable Milk Foam Quality”

This Commercial Schaerer Coffee Soul machine provides businesses with up to 250 hot beverages a day and is highly recommended for usage in restaurants, bars, offices and vending areas. This machine is both user-friendly and eye-catching and offers maximum variety and top beverage quality thanks to Best Foam technology, paired with fresh coffee grinders. It can also be used in self-service environments, with intuitive user guidance and a quick selection programme feature for up to 12 beverages. For the summer the Soul has cold foam technology so you can make cold coffees, smoothies and frappuccinos. Liquidline a certified schaerer coffee partner in the UK.

Key Features:

  • 8 Inch Touchscreen
  • Digital Manometer
  • Lockable Front Panel
  • Height Adustable Dispenser for Jugs
  • Animated User Support
  • Hot Water Tap Options

Jura WE8

“For lovers of speciality coffee”


The Jura WE8 model is a low volume bean to cup machine and can manage up to 40 drinks a day. This machine is better preferred in the office, or less demanding workplace including small shops and cafes, to serve its employees. The Jura Bean to Cup machine has up to 12 programmable setting features, to help perfect the brewing process for speciality coffees that are of a barista standard. The Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P) developed by Jura, helps optimise the extraction time and has one touch functionality to allow you to make special trend finishes with milk and foam at the touch of a button.

Key Features:

·        Water tank with 3 litre capacity
·        Modern TFT display making daily operation simple
·        Up to 12 different specialities
·        Aroma G3 grinder to ensure coffee is optimally ground
·        Pulse Extraction Process
·        One touch functionality for milk foam finishes

Jura GIGA X3

“Top class coffee solution”


The Swiss manufactured Jura GIGA X3 professional bean to cup machines redefines the pleasures of coffee. Known for being a medium high volume, the bean to cup machine capable of producing up to 150 cups a day based on a standard 8 oz serving. This specific Jura bean to cup machine sets a new standard in performance and is capable of professional preparation of delicious ristrettos, espressos, espresso macchiato, cappuccino, café crème, latte and latte macchiato with the capacity of two at a time! It even checks in every now and then to provide maintenance alerts and comes with the Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System which helps optimise the coffee extraction process to achieve maximum flavour to make a full-bodied espresso. If you need a commercial coffee machine that works continuously throughout the day we strongly recommend this compact solution.

Key Features:

·        Interface for accounting systems
·        Integrated rinsing, cleaning and descaling programmes
·        High performance ceramic grinder
·        Delivers up to 31 programmable speciality coffees
·        Bean capacity of up to 1kg
·        Provides up to 12 barista recipes

Schaerer Barista

“Pure espresso heaven”


The Schaerer Barista Coffee machine is a combination of espresso heaven and classic flair. It is Barista ready and has the convenience of a fully automatic coffee machine system, that provides premium quality Italian espresso coffee with every cup. Our unique Schaerer Coffee Machine is a cost effective way to work, and is suitable for catering chains looking to provide top espresso quality. It even features various preset recipes, intuitive operating concept and visualisation of the preparation processes on the display to minimise any training that may be required.

Key Features:

·        Integrated grinder
·        Heatable cup storage
·        Touch display for easy operation
·        SteamIT
·        Barista key
·        Steam systems for milk foam

La Spaziale S5

“The premium coffee package”


The La Spaziale S5 machine is renowned for its consistency, ability to work hard can keep up with the intensity of a busy working environment. The S5 is always designed to maintain a stable temperature and is easily monitored through the commercial espresso machine’s LCD display. It is extremely easy to use with a programmable interface and lever steam controls, with Teflon coated finish for easy cleaning. By allowing the delivery of more cups simultaneously and suits the context of coffee bars and restaurants as well as boasting an automatic capsule ejection system.

Key Features:

·        Electronic boiler refill
·        Electronic boiler temperature regulation
·        Boiler temperature shown by LED display
·        Automatic operating temperature boost function
·        Pump pressure control and double pressure gauge for boiler
·        Electric heating system

La Spaziale S2 Compact

“High end commercial coffee”


Slightly smaller than the S5, the S2 coffee machine is space-saving, and will fit stylishly in any environment, including in restaurants and bars. This is an outstanding traditional commercial coffee machine made from quality components and a simple design with key features from one of the most renowned coffee machine manufacturers in the world. It also offers a much smaller carbon footprint due to its size and intelligent STEM heat exchange system that helps deliver coffee by keeping coffee at a constant level and using less power than a conventional heating system.

Key Features:

·        Patented Steam Control Heat Exchange
·        Temperature control of group heads
·        Separate hot water tap and 2 steam wands
·        The Ek version: fully automatic with programmable dosage settings
·        1 groups, 2 groups and 3 groups
·        Built in pump
·        Electric heating

Before choosing the right commercial coffee machine for you, consider these factors:

3 questions to ask when buying a coffee machine

The four main types of coffee machines:


1.    Manual espresso machinesThese machines give you the flexibility of creating anything from espressos to ristrettos and is similar to what you see in coffee shops. The downside is that you will need to know how to manually grind and add coffee, steam your own milk and use the machine.

2.    Bean-to-cup machinesA bean-to-cup machines grinds and pours coffee automatically. All you have to do is pop water, milk and coffee beans into the machine and you can get a shot of coffee at the press of the button. Some machines included integrated milk frothers that heat milk, providing you with the perfect cappuccino or latte with almost zero effort.

3.    Pod or capsule machinesPod or capsule machines cost more per coffee, and are less ethically sustainable, as the pods are not reusable. They are however, very popular due to ease of use and providing hassle free coffee.

4.    Filter coffee machinesPlain and simple coffee and enough to serve several people at once, and generally require that you use ground coffee. Great for making black coffee on tap.