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The Essential Coffee Lovers Travel Guide

The Essential Coffee Lovers Travel Guide

Still looking for the perfect holiday this summer? Here’s the top 5 travel destinations for coffee lovers…

Added: 10th July 2015

Rome, Italy

Rome is hailed as the home of the espresso with the locals drinking on average an excess of five a day. Soak up the rich history of this European city and do like the Romans with a strong, piping hot coffee. Rosati, which is rated as the best coffee bar in Rome, offers unique views of Piazza del Popolo and an enviable pastry range. It oozes a 1920’s ambience and provides a traditional, Italian coffee drinking experience.

rome buildings

Vienna, Austria

The Viennese coffeehouse is an important aspect which shaped the coffee culture it boasts today. Cream-based coffees are traditional in Vienna and many around the world attempt to replicate it; if the authentic experience is what you seek, Vienna is the place for you. Many visit the iconic coffeehouses to read, simply reflect, chat with others and indulge in the finest coffee around. The old time Café Hawelka is famed for its sweet rolls and drink of choice, melange, which is a half coffee – half milk concoction. This café was first choice for many of Vienna’s artists and current influences such as Andy Warhol too so it holds an impressive history.

homemade cinnamon rolls

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne isn’t just a hotspot for its beaches and idyllic weather, voted the city as having the best coffee in the world with the typical Australian choice of beverage being the cappuccino. Brother Baba Budan is well known in Melbourne for its eclectic space and its irresistible cake and coffee selection. The small venue is a visual treat with rustic wooden panelling and chair selection, many of which are on the ceiling.

map of australia with pins

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

If you seek an authentic coffee experience, look no further than the birthplace of coffee itself. The Ethiopians take their coffee with plenty of sugar or salt but forego the milk. Three rounds are served and all are expected to be drank for it is considered polite to do so. Tomoca Coffee Shop has for many years attracted the locals with the warm scent of roasted coffee drifting from the chimney. Many claim this is the destination for the richest Ethiopian Arabica coffee in the world and is a coffee lover’s dream.

coffee beans on a map

Vancouver, Canada

This city is rapidly emerging itself in a café culture with it being rated by many as one of the best coffee cities in the world. Revolver is one of the newer independent cafés in Vancouver and is already rated for its high quality baked goods and classic Canadian strong coffee. Ethical, fair-trade coffee is important to Revolver’s mission and the customer experience is considered to be just as essential. For an enjoyable brew, rather than the large chain Tim Hortons, look no further than Revolver.

canada skyline next to river

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