The Great British Fairness debate

The 2014 Great British Fairness Debate runs from Monday, September 29th to October 12th. It is a campaign run by the Fairtrade Foundation that has the aim of stimulating debate among the British public as to what exactly is personal fairness.

Added: 30th September 2014

The Great British Fairness Test

One of the major aspects of the campaign is the chance for consumers to take part in the ‘Great British Fairness Test’, which they can do through an online hub. At the hub there will also be information about the positives of buying Fairtrade items, and films concerning ‘fairness experiments’ via a pop-up coffee cart.
A variety of different media will be utilised to support the event, including print, broadcast, the internet and social media. The 2014 Great British Fairness Debate also provides brands with the opportunity to show themselves in a compassionate light to their customers. During the campaign, companies can engage with their current customers, and prove to them that they are committed to supporting Fairtrade. The campaign can also be used by brands to show their customers exactly what the benefits are when it comes to supporting Fairtrade.
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How You Can Get Involved To Promote The Great British Fairness Debate

There are a wide variety of ways that you can get involved with the 2014 Great British Fairness Debate. One way is a point of sale poster that can be downloaded, and which is ready to print. The poster can then be displayed throughout the duration of the 2014 Great British Fairness Debate. While you can also use your own communication channels to highlight your involvement with the campaign.
It’s also possible to download all the relevant materials and images connected to the campaign. You can then, with the help of the digital guide, use your communication channels in a promotional way regarding the campaign. The hashtag #befair should also be used.
 By using the campaign’s marketing manual you will be able to create original materials for this year’s Great British Fairness Debate. You can also help your customers to find out more about the campaign by directing them to the official site here. Your customers will also be able to take part in the online debate there, as well as take part in the ‘Great British Fairness Test’.

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