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The Growth of Coffee Within the Automotive Sector

The Growth of Coffee Within the Automotive Sector

Quality coffee is now more than just a perk – it is an essential ingredient of customer satisfaction. The Automotive industry understands this better than most- read on to find out more!

The Growth of Coffee Within the Automotive Sector

Coffee has been a staple drink for many for thousands of years and its presence in our daily life continues to grow. In fact, studies have found that the global consumption of coffee reached an incredible 155.71 million 60kg bags between 2015 and 2016. It is therefore understandable that this drink of choice has made its presence felt within hospitality and many customer serving organisations. It is also becoming an essential aid to automotive showrooms and waiting areas.

How does this trend impact the industry and what benefits does it provide to customers and staff alike? Let’s take a look at the growing presence of the coffee bean in the automotive sector and how it can provide the customer with a feeling of first class service.

Heightened Customer Relations

The automotive sector has always been highly competitive. The presence of a coffee machine or fresh filter coffee indicates that management cares about the experience of the individual customer and wants to provide the best refreshment. This little customer focused exercise is something that hasn’t been missed by the industry, and now it is a case of making sure your offering stands out.

With a coffee conscious world, expectations have increased. Unless it is fresh from the bean, you’re not putting the effort in. A real bean to cup coffee machine can take your dealership to the next level in prestige and perception. Not only will this help to create a warm and inviting atmosphere (think of the aroma!), but such a gesture can even increase brand loyalty over time – the trip to the dealership becomes an actual experience. No longer will waiting to speak with a representative or salesperson prove to be a frustrating experience; instead it can be enjoyed and even appreciated.

Prestige and Class

As we know, instant coffee is a now  no longer an option for those who really want to impress. Now, many automotive showrooms are offering clients a wide variety of ‘fresh’ coffee options and it’s getting harder to stand out in the crowd. These are intended to suit entirely personal requirements and taste, and as a result, customers feel as if their needs matter and that they are important to the company. Whether offering an espresso, an americano or a short macchiato, the fact that a higher level of refreshment is offered will not be missed.

Customers will appreciate the unspoken fact that the business cares about their personal comfort and have invested in sophisticated equipment, such as commercial coffee machines or even water dispensers. This subtle psychological influence can be what it takes for your dealership to stand out over others. It also creates balance in your dealership – you can’t offer brand new, top of the range cars and then only ‘white or black?’ when it comes to coffee! If you’re not offering a selection of choices coming straight from the bean, then you are just falling behind.

Bespoke Branding

Branding is another little touch that can make an organisation stand out. A business wants the client to know that they are professional and for them to have a feeling of distinction by association. Not only will a real bean to cup coffee machine offering free drinks reflect this sentiment, but branded cups and mugs can associate class and sophistication with the dealership in question.

All these things together can really enhance perception and add a level of prominence to a dealership.

mercedes benz coffee cups

Not for Customers Alone

Happy staff equate to a successful business. Employees who are provided access to a high-quality coffee machine will naturally be more productive and “turned on” throughout the day. As the hours associated with the automotive industry can be long on occasion, the ability to enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee is not to be taken lightly! Let’s also keep in mind that motivated staff members are much more likely to have a positive impact upon the customers themselves.

It can also give a little back to the business too – modern commercial coffee machines will mean less queues, less time wasted and more productivity! If that’s not a reason to upgrade…?!

With the rise of popularity in coffee shops and the consumption of real coffee in general, there has been a realisation of how this can translate into customer service and company esteem. As the notions of targeted customer service and positive branding become even more important, we should fully expect this tempting elixir to remain a central portion of any showroom!


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