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The Impact of Quality Coffee on First Impressions

The Impact of Quality Coffee on First Impressions

We’ve all been there before: you’re meeting someone for the first time and they offer you a cup of coffee. Of course you accept as it would be rude not to. Then what is handed to you is a disappointing poor quality coffee with a disgusting bitter taste. Oh and you just have to drink it because you feel obliged. Now this isn’t usually a problem when it comes to popping round to someones house for a cuppa, but in the world of business, the power of creating a good first impression is making sure the impact is positive.

Within companies people are passionate about their coffee, so providing a potential customer or client with poor quality coffee is going to leave a bad taste in their mouth, both metaphorically and literally. Most people don’t really give a second thought to the quality of the coffee in the workplace, but it is so important to be on top form when it comes to the coffee game. Ensuring you have great tasting coffee will help towards giving the very best first impression.


The stimulating effect of a quality cup of coffee can put a customer or client in a good frame of mind before they’ve even had a sip. Most coffee drinkers gain a sense of security from the smell of quality coffee. This can be a positive for you in the business environment as it can help to make a client calm and comfortable meaning they meeting will get off to the best possible start.
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No matter how good you think you are at making a cup of coffee, you never know if you are making it how the client likes it. So having a prestige coffee machine that can produce an outstanding cup with all the trimmings – adds a bit of value to your company as a whole. It is much more personalised if you tell them about the quality of the coffee beans and lengths gone to improve taste, rather than spooning a heap of instant grounds into a mug. This immediately positions yourself as someone who knows what they’re doing with high standards in the field.

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Barista Quality

Ever wondered why so many business meetings take place in coffee shops? These locations are perfect for meetings, the ease of travel, the facilities available and the atmosphere quality coffee creates. Having your preferred coffee in front of you helps to boost productivity and puts you in a business frame of mind. Coffee is a business person’s drink. If you can provide barista quality coffee for clients then you are more likely to stand out from the crowd and gain business opportunities.

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