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The Social Benefits of Drinking Coffee

The Social Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Our commercial coffee machines are designed to bring all the advantages of coffee to the workplace, but drinking coffee is a great social activity too! Here our top reasons for drinking coffee socially.


As ever, coffee’s notoriously high caffeine content makes it onto our list of top reasons to drink it. The sad reality of modern life is that most of us are tired most of the time, so an energy boost is usually very welcome. Whilst those who are particularly extroverted may gain energy simply by being around other people, the more introverted among us could often do with a little caffeine to help us get conversation rolling, making a coffee meet-up the perfect situation for a catch up.

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Historically, coffee houses have acted as places to meet, socialise, ne entertained and exchange ideas. They have often acted as hubs within local community to create and develop social networks and, depending on whereabouts in the country you’re based, this could still be the case. If you head to the local coffee shop in a small town or village the chances of bumping into someone you know are relatively high, so nipping in for a good brew from their commercial coffee machine could result in the pleasant surprise of an incidental catch up. Even in large cities, if you regularly frequent the same coffee shops you may well begin to recognise those doing the same and be greeted with a friendly face each morning.

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Mutual Ground

Coffee shops are simply a great place to chill and chat, and generally offer an environment which makes everyone feel pretty comfortable. So whether you’re catching up with a friend who lives the other side or town or meeting with someone you haven’t seen for a while, doing so over a cup of coffee just seems to make sense!

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Office Culture

Realising how great coffee can be at creating a social environment, one of the aims of our commercial coffee machines is to create a friendly community within the workplace. Bumping into a colleague at the office coffee machine is usually a great opportunity to ask how they are, and we all know that “let’s have a cup of coffee” is code for “let’s have a chat”. Coffee breaks often offer colleagues the opportunity to spend time together in non-work chat, so coffee is important for socialising, even in the workplace!

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