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Water Boilers that really are Ecoboilers

Water Boilers that really are Ecoboilers

If your business or institution is conscious of its energy consumption and wants to take steps to lower its impact on the environment as well as overall costs, there is a way we can help…

Added: 28th March 2014

By suggesting you put the kettle in the bin!

Using a water boiler is something that can save you not only energy used, but also time spent by employees making drinks – giving your company a double benefit with regards to cost savings.
In fact the Ecoboiler T10 was recently compared against “equivalent models” from five competitors and the results were incredible. The tests were based on energy consumption and results showed that the T10 came out on top – 37% less electricity used by the next best boiler (and 56% less than the worst performing boiler!).
This reduction of energy used also showed that major financial savings could be made – 1 boiler potentially saving up to £494 in a year, so a site that uses multiple boilers could see savings in the thousands.
It’s clear that you really can save money while also reducing the environmental footprint of your company. Not only that, you get instant access to boiling water – no more waiting for the kettle for your favourite cup of tea in the morning!
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