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Wellbeing in the Workplace

Wellbeing in the Workplace

Employers are increasingly recognising the importance of wellbeing in the workplace. ‘There is growing recognition of the importance of individual wellbeing inside and outside the workplace. In working to get the very best out of their organisation, many managers are choosing to adopt practices to increase the wellbeing of their staff.’ – ACAS

At Liquidline we understand that employee wellbeing leads to business growth. We want to work with you to help you achieve that.


Employees feel trusted and valued when they have an element of autonomy in their work. Nothing kills motivation faster than micro-management

Clear Communication

Setting clear expectations such as through key performance indicators (KPIs) and providing feedback will improve feelings of security. This can be achieved through regularly reviewing performance at staff appraisals

Staff Development

Appraisals can also serve as a means to help employees plan their career path and training needs can be identified. You could support employees to complete professional industry qualifications by providing financial support and study leave

Regular breaks

Coffee breaks will help your employees to stay fresh and productive. It’s also a great opportunity for employees to build friendships

Health and Safety

Employees will feel happier in their work if their physical needs are met. It’s important to ensure that the work environment is safe, workstations are correctly set up and the temperature of the workplace is at a comfortable level

Employee Benefits

Another ways to make employees feel valued is to provide a benefits package. As well as the standard salary and holiday entitlement consider offering other perks such as installing a bean to cup coffee machine, negotiating discounts for employees at stores and restaurants and offering a profit share bonus scheme

Increased workplace wellbeing will lead to happier employees. In turn happier employees will be more productive and less likely to leave. When employees are happier they are also less likely to take time off sick. It is therefore essential that your company has a comprehensive workplace wellbeing strategy in place


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