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What does your coffee say about you?

What does your coffee say about you?

Coffee as we all know it, is a major trend right now. We all have our different coffee preferences, especially when it comes to making a cuppa in the office. Whether it is a black coffee, cappuccino or decaf soy latte, our coffee preferences say more about our personalities than we think.

What does the coffee you choose say about you and how do you judge others on their choice? Here are some of our most famous coffee orders defined in terms of personality traits, and behaviour types.

Double espresso

If a double espresso is your first choice of a morning when you get into the office, then you are one fearless human being! Or, you’re just very tired and had a late one the night before, either or suits fine. Espresso drinkers are not afraid of anything, and can power through tasks and deadlines, with two shots of coffee by their side. An espresso lover is a natural born leader and enjoys inspiring others.

If you want to have espresso on tap for the office, then consider investing in a commercial or bean-to-cup coffee machine to help get you through the day. We strongly recommend the Jura JX8 machine for all your coffee needs.

Double shot of espresso

Flat white latte

Flat white and skinny lattes are often first choice for most coffee lovers, and are very popular in the catering industry. With variety blends of espresso, steamed milk and froth, this is a reliable blend for almost anyone. You are someone who likes to go with the flow, and isn’t always keen to try something new or out of the ordinary, but know that a latte still fuels your caffeine addiction.

Latte drinks also have more of a laid back nature. You prefer to led your imagination run wild and are very reflective. Your morning latte is a small comfort for you that makes your life worth living!

Want to know how to adjust the strength of a latte coffee blend? With a commercial coffee machine you can use a frothing device to help get the milk just right for you.

flat white with coffee art


A mocha suggests you’re not part of the coffee crowd and like to go your own way, and make your own decisions. One caffeinated step up from hot chocolate, the combination of an espresso shot, coca and steamed milk is for those that enjoy the variety of coffee flavours.

mocha with chocolate sprinkles


As a cappuccino drinker, you are a very sophisticated individual and you like to always have it together, when it comes to managing your career, social life and private life. You prefer to keep things classy and have a very creative mind and love socialising with others.

cappuccino with chocolate sprinkles


Frappuccino drinkers are all-round adventurers, and love spontaneity. You prefer to live in the moment and make the best of new opportunities that come your way. You are always a happy person and your positive energy makes it very easy for others to be around you.

caramel cinnamon frappuccino in glass

No matter what coffee you choose, remember that coffee is a statement. It says something about who you are and what you like doing as a person. Next time you take your sip of coffee, have a think about how much your coffee resembles you.

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