Why Brew’d Is the Brand for You

Nitro Brew’d is the ultimate millennium brand. It is vibrant and smart. Nitro brew’d coffee comes straight from the tap. It is poured in just the same way as a Guinness, except it is alcohol free.

How is it Served?

Brew’d coffee is best served cold and is ideal if you are looking for a healthy alternative to energy drinks – Brew’d has twice the caffeine content, but with zero sugar.

Making the Nitro coffee involves infusing nitrogen into the coffee, a process also known as nitrogenating or nitrogenation. The nitrogen gas takes time to dissolve in water, leaving a thicker, more velvety feel to the coffee.

Cold Brew uses the infusion process time, rather than heat, to better its taste and extract any oil, sugar and caffeine content. But, it is not the same as iced coffee, which is coffee that has been left to cool at a low enough temperature to be put in ice.

In fact, many high end gyms are now offering it on tap to their customers. If you wish coffee was more like beer then, Nitro Brew’d is the one for you.

brewd nitro cold brew dispensing

What Does it Taste Like?

It tastes good. It is low in acidity and has a smooth, velvety texture and is complete with a foamy top, just like what you see in a beer. It therefore, has a less bitter taste that some coffee lovers aren’t always a fan of. This is perfect for anyone that suffers from acid reflux or are prone to heartburn.

Bottom line is, Nitro Brew’d is the best cold coffee around. Want to find out more? Enquire on how to purchase the right equipment for your business to start serving Brew’d today, click here.

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