Why Office Coffee Machines Can Improve your Office Environment

By offering premium coffee solutions in the office, including a commercial or bean-to-cup coffee machine, you are showing your employees that you appreciate them.

From having a rough day, to managing looming deadlines, there are so many benefits as to why coffee can be a dealbreaker in the office. Coffee not only helps to improve morale and productivity rates, but it can also become a daily ritual for office employees. You can live and breathe it.

Without coffee many of us would witness an instant decline in productivity in the office. We would all struggle without it. Coffee holds a great power over modern society and over the modern worker.  Here are some compelling reasons for why you should adopt an office coffee machine for your office environment.

Drinking Coffee Improves Productivity Rates

Coffee in the workplace is known to help employees stay focused and concentrate better and can help give them a boost. Caffeine is a stimulant and helps make the individual feel more alert and heightens their sensual awareness. Coffee can also help you learn material faster and identify relevant information to help you get the job done. This is especially helpful when it comes to learning new material and remembering tasks and assignments.

Coffee Breaks are Essential For The Workplace

Studies show that 68% of people drink coffee throughout the working day. A business can lose when an employee leaves to get a cup of coffee. Another 43% of employees said their preferred drink is coffee because it helps them work. Offering coffee in the workplace gives employees an incentive to stay and get that quick caffeine fix throughout the day.

Make First Impressions Count

In the workplace, 62% of respondents felt that a coffee bar is the most welcoming office reception and way to meet and greet new potential clients or employees. Offering them a choice of a flat white, or latte on arrival instead of having to boil the kettle can help gain you extra points as a business. Afterall, you don’t want them to remember you for offering bad coffee!

Coffee Can Help With Employee Socialisation

Having a cup of coffee can help break down those awkward social barriers. It can encourage new employees to meet their co-workers, create a common workplace spacer to socialise in, with coffee acting as a good ice-breaker. Employees will stand a better chance of wanting to interact together at work with premium quality coffee.

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Creates An Open Office Culture

Having a decent commercial or bean-to-cup coffee machine at work can help to create positive vibes in the office. Your employees will be more cheerful, have higher energy levels, and more confident when it comes to conversing with others. Regular coffee breaks can help create cohesion and lead to bonding in the workplace.

It Can Help Reduce Desk Pain

Studies conducted by the National Institute for Health have suggested that caffeine intake before performing pain-inducing computer work results in attenuated pain development. Coffee is therefore, even beneficial for your health, so long as it is consumed in moderation.

It Can Reduce Sleep Deprived Stress

Caffeine intake, or even just the smell and aroma of coffee can help reduce stress levels related to sleep deprivation. Coffee odour contains powerful antioxidant properties that help protect nerve cells from stress-related damage.

It Keeps You Trim

Drinking coffee or the consumption of coffee can help increase metabolic activity. It is good to know that your body is burning fat at high levels while you sit at your desk.

So, in case you were not sure whether a coffee machine was a worthy investment to make, just remember that it can improve overall health of your employees in the office, can make them feel valued, and promote positivity, health, happiness and wellbeing in the office environment. It pays to invest in quality in-house coffee experiences.

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