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Your Guide to using Coffee at Work

Your Guide to using Coffee at Work

Coffee helps people work more effectively together at work. It can boost creativity and productivity levels and improve cognitive functioning.

Here is an easy to follow guide to making and using coffee in the office. The first tip is to remember that you don’t have to be a professional, certified barista, to make the perfect coffee.

Ask for Help

If you want to make a professional latte, or cappuccino for instance, then you can always ask someone to help make it with you if you are unsure.

If the bean-to-cup machine isn’t working then make sure you let someone know so it can get fixed as quickly as possible. Replace the milk or add more coffee beans to the machine.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Always remember to clean up after yourself. That includes washing up any equipment you may have used or simply putting things away, ready for the next person to use. Don’t leave it for someone else to do.

Coffee machines often get neglected. It happens, especially during a busy, working day.

Have you thought of using cleaning products for ease of use when wiping kitchen tops or machines? Try micro fibre cloths, that are reusable, and can be washed after use. Or disposable cleaning wipes and stainless steel cleaning kits.

Print out Recipes

Think creatively and encourage people to make their own speciality coffee. Keep all your equipment and accessories in the same place, for all to share. Instruct on what equipment and ingredients you need for each recipe.

A Spiced Chai Latte may be top of your list, or a Mocha Frappe for the summer months. Or how about food recipes? An Espresso Martini Cheesecake may be on the cards.

Encourage your staff to interact with your coffee machine and products. Set up your own coffee bar in the workplace, or a stall outside to attract customers.

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