F-Max Floorstanding

The Fmax is the world's most hygienic water cooler that will blend seamlessly into any location and the unit can be further customised with any one of the 8 changeable side panels. This model has been constructed from high quality and durable ABS Polymer as well as being patented with Aqua Safe technology making it one of the most hygienic dispensers available today.

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Fmax Watertrail

100% water sanitisation

This machine is incredibly hygienic with patented Water Trail technology status.

water splash

Cold and Ambient Dispense

Vacuum insulated hot tank and an automatic drip tray evaporation system. Ease of dispense with any drink.

glass of water for enhanced

High Burst Rate and Tank Capacity

With an integral cup dispenser, this model has a high cup disperse rate of 8 consecutive cold cups and 6 consecutive hot cups of water. It has a cold tank capacity of 1.4 litres and a hot tank capacity of 1.5 litres.

Technical Details

Product ID FMAXF
Height 1100mm
Width 260mm
Depth 390mm
Weight 20kg

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    F-Max Floorstanding



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