Commercial Coffee Machines FAQs

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How to choose the best coffee machine for your business

Picking the right coffee machine can feel like a challenge with so much terminology, choice, pricing options and ongoing needs – at Liquidline we have over 15 Years’ experience in the coffee industry and we pride ourselves on being able to provide you with the best machine choice for your business.

This starts with answering frequently asked questions about commercial machines that we often take from clients. Of course, you can speak to one of our representatives as well.

How to use this guide

This guide is perfect for those unsure about where to start when choosing a machine, but also for those looking for additional information on the different type of machines on offer.

We would recommend those looking for specific technical information on individual machines to head to each product page and download the technical guides on these pages.

The biggest difference between coffee machines is the choice of semi-automatic vs. automatic. The choice you make here is essential and needs to be based on the what you are planning on doing with the machine.

The question you should ask is:

Will you be making the coffee or will users be making the coffee themselves?

The answer to this will tell you which machine type to choose.

A semi-automatic machine gives users the choice to make their own coffees (such as baristas or servers in a restaurant) and for those not skilled in the service of creating coffee will take an element of training. At Liquidline, we provide full barista training (as well as refresher training) on all machines – so even if you’re replacing an existing machine for experienced staff, we can ensure everybody has the skill to master the machine to provide great coffee!

An Automatic machine is best for use in office environments, or self serve environments. Features will change dependent on your needs and budget and for commercial premises use there are options to have custom branding and UI – perfect for showing your latest offers and engaging customers.

While it can feel like there are huge amount of commercial coffee options in the market, we can quite simply split them into 6 categories:

Bean to Cup Machines: these machines can be automatic or semi-automatic and will grind fresh beans for you for each cup or coffee. As with any coffee machines a range of options can be found dependant on the needs of your business.

Traditional Espresso Machines: these are most commonly used in cafes or restaurants and will require ground coffee. We also supply commercial coffee grinders to help with this. A traditional espresso machine is sometimes know as a barista or professional coffee machine.

Filter Coffee Machines: Filter machines are used for bulk brew options and are popular choices for quick turnaround of black coffee or simple coffee with milk. These are often used in cafes, restaurants and offices.

Instant Coffee Machines: These machines provide instant coffee, quickly and easily and can be filled with a range of flavours and drinks types to improve the machine itself. These are great for care homes and hospital waiting rooms, offices and garden centres looking to supply quick, fresh and delicious coffee to customers.

Coffee to go: These machines are widely used in commercial areas within retail and are designed to enhance customer experience within a business. Perfect for retail environments looking to offer greater incentives to customers.

Nitro Cold Brew: The latest development in coffee that is becoming increasingly popular everywhere from gyms to coffee shops, and even in some offices. Nitro cold brew is a cold coffee poured from with nitrous oxide added. It provides a crisp, refreshing boost to customers – whether in the heat of summer or not!

Commercial coffee machines will range in price dependant on the elements included within them. You can expect to spend from £1,900 for entry level machines, up to £12-15,000 for high volume machines.

There is no right answer to what is the best commercial coffee machine, but there is an answer to the best machine for your needs. When choosing a machine for commercial use, consider the amount of cups per day, variation of drinks and the user experience you want. For example, the CafeTouch 4600 offers a touch screen experience with clear icons for both commercial sales and office coffee use. Whereas, a traditional coffee shop will be more suited to a Zircon 3 traditional espresso machine. At Liquidline our advisers will take you through the range of options in full to ensure you receive the best commercial coffee machine for your needs.

The La Spaziale S5 is one of our most popular commercial espresso machines. It is a reliable and high performing machine and offers everything you would need from an espresso machine. This fully programmable coffee machine offers automatic dose settings, an LED display and automatic boiler refilling.

A capsule coffee machine like the Kfee is the best machine for low usage. The Kfee model’s are water filter compatible, have adjustable brewing temperature settings and are energy saving with an automatic power-off feature. These machines can be used for 1-15 cups a day. A Cafetouch 5 is a similar alternative and provides between 15-25 cups per day.

The best coffee machine we recommend for high volume use in an office environment is a bean-to-cup machine.

The Franke A1000 is a high performance coffee maker that produces large quantities of beverages and has impressive FoamMaster milk foam technology, a outstanding brew group and a fully automatic cleaning system.

With the Schaerer Coffee Art Plus you can lease or buy in confidence offering barista-quality beverages and a daily output of up to 250 drinks for your busy workplace. This model is also easy to clean and has integrated Best Foam milk technology for a special taste experience.

The Cafetouch CT4 is a high capacity bean-to-cup machine with embedded video functionality, an impressive selection of up to 4 drinks and precision control when it comes to crafting the perfect coffee.