5 Ways to Increase Revenue at Your Gym

The pandemic has been extremely tough for those working in health and leisure, with indoor fitness facilities closed for much of the past 15-months. 

With gyms and fitness centres reopening in the UK in May 2020, many owners and operators will be looking for ways they can increase revenue to help make up for the financial shortfalls of the last year.

We have therefore compiled a list of five fantastic ways to boost revenue at your gym or health centre that don’t require additional space or facilities and won’t cost you the earth either.

Inside a Busy Gym

1) Paid Trials

Many gyms offer free trials or guest passes to prospective members. These are great if the customer goes on to join, but sadly you will always encounter time wasters who have no intention of returning.

By charging a nominal fee for a short term trial (3, 5 or 7 days) you can cover your costs and give potential customers a proper idea of what it’s like to become a member. By charging a fee you’re also more likely to attract more serious prospects who are more invested in learning about your gym and building relationships with your team.

Proteintouch Protein Vending Machine

2) Healthy Vending

Whether your members have forgotten to bring a bottle of water with them, want a healthy snack to fuel their workout or are looking for a post-workout protein hit, then a vending machine can provide this quickly, conveniently, at any time of day and with little upkeep.

Most vending machines now accept card payments, so there’s no need to worry about providing change either. You can even have them programmed to automatically bill a customer from their membership card.

The latest innovation in vending comes from the Proteintouch machine. An instant protein shake vending machine that dispenses freshly-made protein shakes for members, much like an on-the-go coffee machine.

The shakes make the perfect pre or post-workout beverage and can be dispensed into the customer’s own reusable bottle or a cup made from recycled materials.

Retail for Gyms

3) Retail 

Selling retail items is one of the easiest ways to make more money from your existing members. 

Don’t try and replicate the big sports shops as you won’t be able to compete on price, instead, stock items that your members will actually need. Think about the items that members most commonly forget, such as bands and straps, headphones, sports bottles, towels and hair ties.

Branded merchandise is also a great way to build a community. It creates a feeling of comradery amongst those wearing it, but it also serves as free advertising. Talk to your members and find out what products they’d be interested in buying, such as t-shirts, hoodies and sports bottles. Then start by having a small run printed and sizing up as demand grows.

Whatever you choose to sell, ensure it’s marketed and merchandised properly – your members can’t buy if they don’t know it exists!

Indoor Workout Class

4) Host Events & Workshops

Members love fitness challenges, boot camps and workshops because they provide variety, help build relationships and allow them to reach their goals quicker. They’re great for gym owners because they provide a lump sum that has an immediate effect on cash flow. 

Be strategic in your planning and who you invite to attend your events. Capitalise on your existing members at quiet times of the year. For example, offer a workshop in December on staying fit throughout the Christmas holidays. Likewise, non-members may feel more motivated to work out at certain times of year, but do not want to commit to a long-term solution. Take advantage of this by offering short term boot camps and programmes to non-members such as a ‘Bikini Body Bootcamp’ in early summer or a ‘New year New You’ programme in January.

5) Offer Nutrition Advice

Like Personal Trainers, Nutritionists can work with you on a freelance basis, providing an additional service for your members and extra income for your business. Even if you are only able to offer the services of a nutritionist by appointment only, members who are serious about their health and fitness will appreciate this valuable service.

Whether you choose to adopt all or just a few of the revenue strategies above, we encourage you to think beyond attracting new members and more about making the most out of the customers you already have. 

If you’re interested in introducing healthy vending to your leisure business, please get in touch with our team today to learn more and get a free, no-obligation quote.