Five Benefits of having a Coffee Machine in your Car Showroom

There are many benefits of having a coffee machine in your open-plan workspace, especially where you can show it off and impress your customers with great tasting coffee. Commercial coffee machines in the automotive sector are becoming hugely popular and an ongoing trend to help, manage the volume of customers and staff wanting their coffee fixes.

With cutting edge showrooms undergoing a revolution in customer service, it is more important than ever that car dealerships are given the quality they deserve when it comes to a fast-operating coffee machine experience.

It is time to delight your clients with a choice of high-quality drinks, including cappuccinos, lattes and mochas that can be prepared in just 30 seconds. With machines that are easy to clean, low maintenance and save you money in the long run, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be making that initial investment.

Here are the five reasons to invest in a coffee machine for your car showroom:

1. Increases Your Number of Car Sales

Your customers will be more likely invested in sticking around longer, if they are offered a premium beverage, to add to the customer experience. They will then have more time to make a final decision about purchasing the car of their dreams, while sipping away at their caffeinated beverage.

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2. Improves Your Customer Service Experience

By providing an open environment where your customers can wander aimlessly looking at the car of their dreams, and allowing them the set-up of having free coffee, on-tap, means you will be creating a customer experience they will never forget, and will leave them coming back for more.

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3. Gain Customer Loyalty

By creating an unforgettable coffee experiences, your customers will show their appreciation by coming back to you, time and time again, even if it is just for a cuppa and a chat about the latest VW model. You can up your coffee game by offering a chill-out space in your showroom for your customers to sit and relax and drink coffee all day long. Having loyal customers is crucial for the success of your car dealership business.

4. Improves Staff Productivity Levels

It is not just your customer audience that will benefit from your great tasting coffee experience, but also your staff. They will appreciate having unlimited coffee choices in the office, with drinks that can be made at the touch of a button, saving time and effort. It also saves the lunchtime rush for a toffee latte, or cappuccino at lunch because you have had enough of bad workplace coffee. No more boiling kettles, resulting in a cleaner, less hectic work space, and less chance of spillages and health and safety risks.

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5. Boosts Staff Morale

By offering better coffee experiences you will be rewarding your employees for their continual efforts, by creating an inviting and positive work environment. Coffee can act as a mental stimulant which helps to boost morale and make for happier and more alert employees who will up their sales game in no time.

Want a test drive of premium car showroom coffee experiences? Check out our range of commercial coffee machines, and get in touch for a free quote. Remember, your customer and staff experiences are relying on it!

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January 9, 2019
Roseanne Ganley
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