From pressure to pour over – coffee brewing methods you can try

A few years ago, if asked, you would have been quite certain of the type of coffee you wanted – but it’s all different now…

From pressure to pour over – different coffee brewing methods that you can try

A few years ago, if asked, you would have been quite certain of the type of coffee you wanted – but it’s all different now! There are plenty of coffee brewing methods at your disposal, and to be honest, you may even find it hard to decide the method to go with. For example, options include the Cemex pot, pour over, cold brew, AeroPress and so on. It may sound a little confusing, but let us take you through some different methods and open up the world of coffee for you even more!

Pressure Brewing Methods

This involves the use of intense pressure to extract coffee and is most often used in three ways; AeroPress, Moka pot, and the traditional espresso method.


The AeroPress is a simple 3 piece tool which allows the brewer to make coffee with minimal time and effort. This method of brewing likes it when things are kept simple; with just the right temperature, size grind and level of air pressure. This results in a magnificent tasting coffee brew; you can expect a pure and smooth brew, rich in colour and taste. The grind size will determine the results you get so choose the size to suit your mood.

The old-fashioned lever espresso machine, that is pumped using the hand, is an excellent tool for brewing exceptional coffee. However, there are also professional espresso machines which are automatic, as well as the all-in-one bean-to-cup machines that take care of everything for you.For espresso, fine and consistent grinds will give you just the right flavour.

Moka Pot

This pot takes your coffee brewing process through 3 chambers where water boils from the bottom chamber and the steam generates pressure that pushes the water up to the top chambers through the coffee grounds. A quality Moka pot, when used with some skill, can give you a super strong and bittersweet concoction that can take you through the day. Getting the right grind for this method is a little bit tricky, you should not over-extract (too fine) or under-extract (too coarse). The final brew will look something close to an espresso shot and you can expect a strong and sharp tasting coffee

Espresso Method

This method utilises the espresso machine which has been caffeinating us since 1901! These machines presently come in varied shapes and sizes, some simple and some with lots of gimmicks and features. Pressurised water gets pushed through a tamped basket of fine ground coffee beans and results in a shot of espresso.

Other Methods Include…

The Cold Brew

This just coffee but brewed cold which creates a few differences from the common coffee considering the taste and acidity. It is less acidic than the hot coffee and does not easily go stale, so can last for some time. Coarse ground coffee beans work well with this method.

Pour Over Coffee

The most common coffee makers for this method are the Hario V60’s and the Chemex which yield strong full-bodied coffee from hot water filtered through coarse ground coffee beans and hot water.

The V60 is just that, a V ‘cupped’ shape that has sides at a 60-degree angle, with ridges, allowing even water and air flow, giving a flavourful, smooth drink.

The Chemex is a hourglass shape (now featured in the Museum of Modern Art in New York!) with a specially designed filter, that provides a light and sediment free drink, perfect for all day drinking!

Turkish Coffee

There is no filtering or percolating for this coffee.  The coffee is boiled with sugar and spices added to it (generally at the start of boiling) over a relatively long period of time. Kept at simply simmering, this provides a sweet, strong coffee.

This is a drink that also carries social importance, from marriage request meetings to telling fortunes – much like reading tea leaves. Coffee is more than just a drink to quickly start the day, but a ritual, a process to bring people together.So there are many ways to experience and enjoy coffee and it’s great fun to try all these options and see which suits your taste buds the most. As long as you have good coffee beans to start with, you can be sure of making some exceptional drinks!