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Liquidline provided excellent service and efficiency; they also helped choose a machine which reflected our brand. We are very pleased and would always be happy to recommend them as a company. The feedback from the coffee has been excellent and overall we are very pleased
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Great customer service and products!
Bannatyne Edinburgh Queen St
I have bought coffee supplies amongst other things from Liquidline within the last 12 months on a couple of occasions for our company, and have been very satisfied with the overall experience. Prompt delivery, reasonable prices, friendly staff. What more could I ask for? (apart from Free coffee which isn't going to happen - obviously) will definitely use again.
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Whether you're running a restaurant, sandwich bar, tea room, bakery or even a roadside café there’s no excuse for not providing your customers with fresh, great-tasting coffee.

With our traditional and professional espresso machines, your establishment can very quickly enhance its reputation for barista-quality coffee, with the ability to cater to low or high volume demand on a daily basis.

Commercial Espresso Machines Range

Our range of commercial espresso machines are ideal for all kinds of environments – from offices to eateries – and can be hired or leased upon request.

Every stunning model within our range of professional espresso machines comes with installation and free training. At Liquidline, we take care of our customers after they have hired from us, with on-demand servicing, free-of-charge demonstration and maintenance available whenever required. We also have the ability to fulfil all business’s consumable needs with a wide range of whole coffee beans.

Don’t hesitate to contact our experienced team today to arrange your free-of-charge demonstration.

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  • WMF Espresso | Professional Espresso Coffee Machine

    The WMF commercial espresso machine bridges two worlds. It automatically prepares handmade coffee. It hisses and steams like a traditional espresso machine yet is child’s play to operate: for anyone wanting to prepare the perfect espresso. The WMF espresso detects the portafilter automatically, controls the brewing time and tamps with 100% consistency. This office coffee machine offers everything you need for a perfect espresso.

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  • Lattiz - Milk Frother

    The revolution in frothing milk for professionals. Holiday Inn, Bewleys Hotels, Radisson Jersey, British Airways and Manchester United are just a few companies who are benefiting from this innovative machine.


  • Zircon 1 Group

    Whether you run a restaurant, coffee cart, village tearoom or sandwich bar the Zircon 1 will complement your environment and satisfy your customers.

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  • Zircon 2 Group

    Whether you run a restaurant, coffee cart, village tearoom or sandwich bar the Zircon 2 will complement your environment and satisfy your customers.

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  • Zircon 3 Group

    Designed for the high volume users the Zircon 3 is the perfect choice for stunning looks and practabillity.

    Perfect alternative to the Dual Fuel machine.

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  • La Spaziale S2

    An understated and simple design yet featuring the key technologies which make La Spaziale renowned the world over and a true leader in the commercial espresso machine market:

  • La Spaziale S5

    The La Spaziale S5 Espresso Machine is a stylish traditional Italian espresso machine that offers 2, 3 or 4 coffee making groups with semi or automatic operation. The La Spaziale S5 is a popular commercial coffee machine choice for baristas and cafe owners across the UK. 

  • La Spaziale S5 Compact

    The La Spaziale S5 Compact Espresso Machineis a contemporary-styled automatic machine with a smaller footprint especially suitable for small bar, cafe, restaurant and coffee shop that wants to serve coffee where space is a limitation. 

  • La Spaziale S40 Seletron

    The La Spaziale S40 is a top-of-the-line espresso machine with automatic dose settings. A technological marvel, the S40 is loaded with advanced features such as a thermal controller accurate to 0.5°C, digital pressure sensors, and signals to let you know if you’re grinding too fine.

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