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The Seven Different Office Personalities in the Workplace

The Seven Different Office Personalities in the Workplace

Any workplace would be boring if everyone had the same personality traits, motivations and communication styles.

There can be a risk of some personalities conflicting with one another but, this can be prevented by better understanding each others motivations, and characteristic traits. By knowing how every office individual works, you can better accommodate to their needs. For example some workers may prefer to be free of office distractions and like working on their own which others may mislead as unfriendly behaviour. We all have our flaws and it is just a case of knowing how to work together, rather than against one another in the office environment. By implementing the right strategies and getting to know your employees on an individual basis, you will soon see your different office personalities thrive.

Other workers may however like socialising and working in loud environments, so it is important to know how to accommodate to all your different office personas. First of all, you will be wanting to know what these different personalities are. We have listed seven of the most common office personalities in the workplace.

1. The Solo Artist

The solo artist is likely to be someone who enjoys and thrives in their own company. They rarely like to be the conversation starter and prefer working in quiet spaces with minimal distractions to get the work done. They are hardworking and very creative, but are not as confident with socialising and being involved in big team huddles. They do however, work well in one to ones, and in small teams, when they feel more comfortable about voicing new ideas and opinions.

man working alone in office

2. The Social Extrovert

You may recognise some of your employees as being social extroverts when they are finding every way possible to engage in conversation, by hanging out in the lunch break room during busy periods, or stopping by people’s desks. They thrive on the company of others, and love to talk about the latest trends or hot topics. Social extrovert employees are very drawn to other extroverts. To best channel your employees naturally engaging tendencies you can ask them to get less outgoing employees involved to help build on company culture.

employees chatting on their coffee break

3. The Logician

The logicians of the office are inventive, creative and intelligent. They are confident when analysing difficult situations and knowing how to tackle multiple projects at one time. They can however, sometimes come across as being insensitive or lacking emotion in their decision making, but this is just how they work. They love immersing themselves in technical subject matter, rather than making emotionally charged decisions. They enjoy being given tasks that are intellectually stimulating and being left alone, without any guidance.

man working alone with laptop and notebook

4. The Natural-Born Leader

Natural-born leaders do as the name suggests, they love to lead an office or team of employees and being at the forefront of company culture. Whether they are in a managerial role or not, they love to help motivate others to work towards their bright vision and realistic goals. Their combination of confidence and charisma makes them equipped to handle delicate situations, manage team goals and targets and are very approachable. They can on the other hand, be very stubborn and ruthless if others aren’t willing to adopt their values.

woman leading meeting

5. The Innovator

The innovator is always invested in new ideas, and inventing new products or services that could have a real impact on the company, or business they work for. They are true risk-takers and will always plunge first into promising new opportunities. They love learning new things and believe rules are supposed to be broken when it comes to inventing the latest product on the market.

woman pointing to building plans on a screen

6. The Campaigner

The social enthusiast loves to campaign and take part in projects that help support local causes and charities. They are invested in helping people, and can always brighten anyone’s day with being energetic and enthusiastic and having exceptional people skills. The campaigner is someone who is very optimistic about bettering the future for others, and can be great mentors.

woman laughing and shaking hands

7. The High Achiever

Many of your employees will most likely fall into this category. High achievers strive for excellence in everything they do and are organised, reliable and consistent in their work performance. They have a strong work ethic and will also work overtime, or be the first to the office in the morning to get the job done. By providing more opportunities for them to grow and achieve their goals will help them to feel even more invested in what they do for your company.

man in suit working hard

The key to a successful office environment is to encourage your employees on an individual basis, to be themselves, and not pressure them into being like someone else. Allow your employees to flourish. When your personalities can work together, that’s when you can build an office that is resilient to any issues you face head on and can be a very powerful force.

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