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Franke Coffee Machines

Franke manufacture state of the art commercial coffee machines and have a product portfolio that is the ideal solution for a seamless multi-brewing experience in busy locations. Originating in Switzerland, Franke coffee systems feature operable touch screen options, are customisable to your brand, FoamMaster Milk features and self-service options for speciality coffees such as lattes and cappuccinos.

Frank a400 coffee machine

Franke Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

Franke commercial Premium self-service machines that are Swiss driven in terms of precision, engineering and innovation. Espresso machines have a fixed water connection system, easy to clean and available in different sizes and styles, from the A400 to the A1000 depending on your requirements. Each is packed with true passion to create the perfect cup of coffee.

Franke A800

Rent from only £58.00 per week

Designed to deliver quality beverages instantly the A800 if great for creating the perfect espresso, milk foam and hot tea all in a touch of a screen. Incorporating a 10.4 inch touch screen with a new full colour attractive control panel, making a cuppa has never been so easy. Suit your business preferences with the customizable control panel. Add messages, videos and boost sales by inspiring your customers!

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Coffee & Water Solutions

Bean To Cup Commercial Coffee Machines

Bean to cup machines take fresh beans, grind them and dispense freshly ground coffee mixed with a choice of fresh milk or powdered to create a range of premium drinks like lattes and cappuccinos at the push of a button in seconds.

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