Marco MT 8 Water Boiler

New from Marco, the MT8 water boiler provides boiling water instantly for all your commercial hot drinks needs.

Powerful and reliable, the MT8 delivers up to 28-litres of boiling water per hour. Opt for an additional built-in filtration system to remove impurities, providing the purest cup of tea or coffee you've ever tasted!

Featuring stainless steel casing and an LED temperature display, this is the most stylish water boiler on the market. With a small footprint, it will also fit neatly into any small commercial environment.

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Marco MT8 Boiling Water Machine

Compact Design

The Marco MT8 is ultra-compact with a minimal countertop footprint of just 20 x 43cm. At just 58cm high, this machine is the perfect solution if space is at a premium in your business.

Marco MT8 Water Boiler

Insulated Tank

This energy-efficient and reliable water boiler features an insulated tank, meaning absolutely no hot water is wasted. Monitor water temperature via the built-in LED display.

Marco MT8 Touchless Dispenser

Touch-Free Operation

For added peace of mind, the Marco MT8 is compatible with a hands-free tap adapter, allowing your team to dispense boiling water by simply pressing a cup against the handle.

Technical Details

Height 589mm
Width 202mm
Depth 436mm
Weight 9.5kg

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    Marco MT 8 Water Boiler