Plumbed Water Dispensers for Business

Plumbed directly into your water supply, our range of mains fed water dispensers provides a cost-efficient and eco-friendly drinking solution, allowing you to offer the very purest filtered drinking water.

Browse our selection of plumbed in water dispensers at your leisure, use our online machine finder tool to discover the best water solution for your needs, or speak to our friendly team today for more information.

Why Choose a Plumbed Water Dispenser?

When choosing a water cooler for your organisation you will first need to make a decision between a bottled water cooler and a plumbed in water dispenser. Whilst both have their merits, more businesses than ever are looking for a long term, more sustainable solution, and so opt for a mains fed option.

Below are just a few reasons why…

A High Capacity Solution

Mains fed water coolers are a much better solution for high footfall environments such as medium to large offices, healthcare facilities, universities, colleges, gyms and sports facilities. Bottle-fed machines quickly run dry when dealing with large numbers, and with a plumbed in solution, you won’t have to worry about changing the bottle every 5 minutes.

More Sustainable

Plumbed water coolers draw water straight from the mains so no bottles are required, eliminating the need for single-use plastic water bottles and improving your carbon footprint. As bottled refills are not required, they can also save money and free up storage space.

Easy to Use & Maintain

Refreshing chilled water at the touch of a button! Plumbed in water dispensers are exceptionally easy to use and are usually operated by simply holding down a button on the front of the machine. As refill bottles are not required there’s also no heavy lifting involved at all, the only maintenance required is a daily wipe down, quarterly clean and a regular filter change.


Plumbed water dispensers are generally much cheaper to run than bottled water dispensers as you are not required to purchase refill bottles. The only cost you need to cover is the lease of the machine plus your usual water and energy supply bills.

Choosing a Plumbed Water Dispenser

Types of Water

Believe it or not, most plumbed in water dispensers generally have the option to offer more than just chilled filtered drinking water. Many include an option for boiling water for hot drinks, ambient water and even sparkling water. Most of our plumbed water machines are available in various configurations, which our experienced team will be able to advise you on.

Drinks Capacity

It’s very important to consider the number of people who will be using your machine. The recommended daily intake of water is 6-8 glasses per day, so you can expect most staff members to drink at least half of this whilst at the workplace.

For small teams, a compact desktop water cooler such as the Oasis Polaris would be ideal, but for larger high footfall spaces a direct chill water cooler may be more suitable, such as the Oasis Kalix, which is capable of dispensing up to 240 glasses of chilled water per hour.

It’s also important to consider the type of vessel your team members will be using for their drinking water as the size of dispense areas can vary between machines. Refillable sports bottles are extremely popular nowadays, and many coolers include an extra-tall dispense area to compensate for these.

Desktop or Freestanding

Plumbed water coolers are available in both a compact desktop and a tall freestanding design. There are models available that sit neatly below standard kitchen cabinets, as well as integrated taps that blend seamlessly into the design of your break room or kitchen.

Added Extras

There are lots of added functionalities you may wish to consider when purchasing a plumbed water cooler. The most popular include integrated drainage systems that take away wastewater from the drip tray automatically, foot pumps and apps that allow users to dispense water touch-free, and energy-saving technologies such as sleep mode.

Leasing a Plumbed Water Cooler from Liquidline

It couldn’t be easier to lease a plumbed in water cooler from Liquidline!

We’ll help you choose the best solution for your business from our wide range of machines from world-recognised brands such as Oasis, Billi, Zip and Borg and Overström.

Once your sales agreement is signed we’ll deliver and install your plumbed water cooler free of charge, as well as provide complimentary training for your team to operate, clean and maintain your new water cooler.

The great service doesn’t stop there either as we can supply everything you need to maintain your plumbed in water cooler, including filters and specialist cleaners.

For routine service and maintenance, we have a nationwide team of water cooler engineers. We are also available for emergency call-outs in the unlikely event that your water machine breaks down.

Find out about Service & Maintenance.

Plumbed In Water Dispenser FAQs

What is a Plumbed Water Cooler?

A plumbed cooler is an electrical appliance that draws water from a mains water supply before filtering it, then either boiling it or chilling it. Water is then dispensed instantly from a tap into the user's glass, cup or bottle.

Do Plumbed Water Dispensers use Filters?

Yes - a mains fed water cooler will usually contain a filter in order to purify the water drawn from the mains supply and provide the optimum drinking experience.

Filtration systems differ from machine to machine, but the basic principle is to remove harmful contaminants and sediments, as well as reduce the amount of chlorine in the water which can give it an unpleasant chemical taste and smell. Whilst chlorine is essential for clean water, and the levels in UK drinking water are harmless, it can ruin the drinking experience, and it’s completely safe to remove once it reaches the end-user.

How do I Install a Plumbed Water Cooler?

When you order a plumbed water cooler from Liquidline we’ll install your new machine free of charge.

To ensure your new machine is installed correctly the first time, we’ll ask you to complete a basic site survey so we know everything is ready for when our engineers arrive. This may include allocated space, electrical sockets and a water supply. Once we’ve checked over your sire survey form and we’re confident everything is ready to go, then you’ll be able to request an installation date.

How Often does a Plumbed in Water Dispenser Need Cleaning?

Just like any other kitchen appliance, dirt and bacteria will build up in and around your plumbed in water cooler. For that reason, we suggest regular cleaning to ensure the machine is clean and hygienic for your team. We would recommend emptying and rinsing the drip tray daily, as well as cleaning all the surfaces on the machine. Then once a quarter you should take your cooler apart, sanitising the internal parts.

How Much Does a Plumbed in Water Cooler Cost?

At Liquidline we stock a wide range of plumbed water dispensers that cost from as little as £2 per week on a 3-to 5-year lease contract. If you prefer, you can purchase your plumbed water machine outright, for which we are happy to provide quotes on request.